Beta Skin Natural Active Cream 50ml

Beta Skin Natural Active Cream 50ml

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Regenerating moisturising cream with natural antibacterial and soothing properties for all kinds of skin conditions. 

Provides intense nutrition and moisture to the skin. It can also help regulate and reduce sebum production. Beta Skin Natural Active Cream is packed with the right amount of nutrition and goodness for better skin health from the face to the entire body. 

The unique combination of Beta Glucan (Oats), Colloidal Silver and Zinc creates an invisible coating with antibacterial properties. Giving comfort to any irritants on the skin. With the addition of Coconut Oil and Linseed Oil, the skin is well nourished and moisturised making it suitable for use in any weather conditions and irritants.

Expiry: Nov 2021

Directions for Use:

Beta Skin Natural Active Cream is suitable for use on the face and the entire body. Apply generously on your skin and body as needed.


Key Ingredients:

This cream contains very high active ingredients Beta Glucan, Coconut Oil, Collodial Silver and Esters of High Fatty Acid derived from Linseed Oil. This cream does not contain paraben or steroids.